Side Effects of Chlamydia Medication

Chlamydia is a standout amongst the most well-known sexually transmitted infections. Chlamydia is regularly found in individuals with no conspicuous manifestations and is effectively spread through unprotected sex. In spite of the fact that for the most part side effect free, the long haul impacts of untreated chlamydia can be not kidding, as per the Mayo Clinic.


Chlamydia may bring about anomalous release and agonizing pee. For men, that is more or less terrible. In ladies, the disease spreads from the cervix to the fallopian tubes. This can make her vibe bring down back and stomach torment, sickness, fever, spotting between menstrual periods and agony amid intercourse. In any case, by far most of individuals don’t have any indications by any stretch of the imagination, which is the reason chlamydia is so regular, as per the Mayo Clinic.

Long haul Effects

On the off chance that untreated, chlamydia can represent some genuine long haul wellbeing impacts. While men are less inclined to experience the ill effects of any difficulties, ladies with untreated chlamydia diseases can encounter changeless harm to their regenerative side effects of chlamydia medication framework. These harms can be noiseless until it is past the point of no return.

The most widely recognized long haul impact of chlamydia is pelvic fiery malady. This happens once the chlamydia has spread and causes scar tissue to frame in the fallopian tubes and uterus. This scar tissue may bring about fruitlessness or ectopic pregnancy, which is a pregnancy side effects of chlamydia medication that is embedded in the fallopian tubes. This sort of pregnancy can’t be fruitful and can bring about casualty to the lady on the off chance that she conveys to term and the tube blasts, bringing about inside dying.

How It Is Spread

Chlamydia is spread effectively, regularly in light of the fact that the transporter and the accomplice have no clue about its reality. Chlamydia contaminations are gone through any sexual contact, be it vaginal, butt-centric or oral. The danger of chlamydia contamination is higher in young ladies under 25 on the grounds that their cervical opening is not completely developed, taking into consideration the disease to effortlessly go into the fallopian tubes.


The significance of getting checkups for sexually transmitted ailments (STD) to analyze quiet sicknesses, for example, chlamydia ought to dependably be a need for sexually dynamic individuals. Chlamydia is a basic malady to dispose of once analyzed by a specialist. One measurements of azithromycin or a week after week dose of doxycyclin will cure the contamination.

It is critical to tell all late sexual accomplices of the disease, so they can go in for testing and treatment also. It is conceivable to get right away reinfected with chlamydia if intercourse is had with the tainted accomplice.


Sexually transmitted disease testing is an essential commitment for people taking part in sex, particularly the individuals who have done as such with various accomplices. While latex condoms are a decent measure to remain safe, it is conceivable to side effects of chlamydia medication get contaminated with chlamydia and in addition different STDs on the off chance that they are utilized inaccurately or broken.

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